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PCMS (commerce) includes all of the functionality built in to the PMS core package but also provides your administrators with a highly stable, secure environment for online product display and online ordering.

The PCMS (commerce) solution has been designed to be completely customisable, allowing complete control over the product categorisation, product display and layout, shopping basket, checkout and payment – effectively allowing you to control every aspect of the user’s online shopping experience.

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Fully customisable system which can be made to fit and grow with your business.
  No technical skills needed so there's no need for you or your colleagues to learn any new software.
  Update your website from anywhere in the world instantly and securley from any PC or Mac! Quickly and easily add text, insert pictures and interactive media, even add Word documents, PDF's and PowerPoint presentations to your website as and when you wish.
Instant corrections and updates made easy. Adding copy or files is fast and easy with our completely browser based online HTML WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing. If you or your users can use Microsoft Word, then you can use PCMS!
Secure admin section allowing you to securly restrict access to all CMS areas of your website.
ASP.NET Page template based so particular layout and content display can be reused throughout the site. This allows for greatly increased workflow as the majority of the pages within a site are based around one of several pre-determined design layouts.
Link Management. Create links to internal pages and external websites quickly and easily, user interface allows simple point and click to create hyperlinks.
Built-in HTML code mode for editing content. If you have the skills, switch to code mode which allows you to directly edit your html code from your browser! Complete HTML control over all pages.
Unlimited number of pages with the full ability to add/edit/delete content and related information at any time. You simply make the changes to your website online as and when you need to and then view the changes instantly.
Multiple access levels allows you to create any number of user accounts, organize them into roles (groups) and grant permissions to each role. Each user account has a unique username, full name, e-mail address and password.
  Unlimited number of products and categories with the full ability to add/edit/delete product info and any related information.
Detailed workflow system allows you to define custom workflow and approval processes for the editing of content on your website. It allows you to manage the whole content life-cycle, including content creation, proofreading, translation, design and final approval by content manager.
Versioning history and rollbacks. PCMS optionally stores all document versions in the in-built archive to allow for scheduled content publication, document/poduct roll-backs and multiple document version editing.
Content Scheduling and expiration allows all documents and pages within PCMS to provide the facility to specify when the document should be published on the live website and when it should expire.
  Multiple pictures (image gallery) for each product if required – created on the fly from one file upload.
  Downloadable product and serial number option if required (ie. software packages)
  Fully customisable shipping module allowing you to offer delivery to any country using any carrier (based on order weight for accurate costing) or the ability to integrate with a third party shipping provider (ie. Royal Mail, FedEx etc.).
Streamlined checkout process resulting in greater basket-to-order conversion rates.
Custom integrated credit card payments using SSL technology from within your website.
Secure credit card payments using your preferred payment gateway provider (ie. WorldPay, Protx, SecPay, Datacash, PayPal etc.).
Promotional codes can be added to the basket to apply discounts to orders.
Customer accounts with fully scalable address books for multiple shipping and billing addresses
Customer order history reporting and account administration.
Site-wide search facility via page content, product details, page  titles, descriptions, image names etc. This allows you to add full-text search capabilities to your Web site without any additional programming or having to buy third-party software.
Cross-promotion which allows for the display of similar products that may be of interest to the customer - increasing impolse purchases on your website.
Fully customisable notification emails for new account sign-ups, orders, forgotten password reminders etc.
Secure site-wide sales and customer reporting tools allows you to regularly produce customised reports. 
Friendly URL's which allow you to market your website in a search engine friendly format, massively increasing the chances of being found in search engines.
Full META data control throughout your website. PCMS allows administrators to specify Page Title (browser window title), Page Description (meta tag) and Page Keywords (meta tag) for every page in your website - improving your position on Google, MSN, Yahoo and other top search engines. You can also specify ALT attribute for every image directly in the WYSIWYG content editor for maximum accessibility for screen readers and users who chose to hide images in their browser.
Newsletter sign-up offers your website users the facility to sign-up to youe e-newsletter.
On-site administrator training is fast and easy. Usually completed in under half a day!
Daily data backup for maximum disaster recovery functionality.
  No ongoing maintenance charges and a faster turnaround for updates.
  Additional and bespoke modules available for addded site functionality.
  Increased site flexibility, security and greater capacity for growth.

For further information or a project specific quotation please contact us.

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