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Artificial intelligence: Algorithms face scrutiny over potential bias20/03/2019
 Artificial intelligence used in the justice and financial systems is to be investigated. 
Hotel guests 'secretly filmed and live-streamed'20/03/2019
 Spy cameras hidden in hotel rooms in South Korea live-streamed footage to the web, police say. 
Apple's new AirPods have Siri built-in20/03/2019
 The new earphones also have longer battery life and a chip that can better maintain a wireless connection. 
US mum 'abused kids who performed on family YouTube channel'20/03/2019
 The woman, whose children performed on the Fantastic Adventures channel, denies charges of child abuse. 
Facebook settles job discrimination case20/03/2019
 The social media giant bans targeting ads for jobs, accommodation or credit on the basis of gender, age or postcode. 
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