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Digital presentations are ideal for promoting your business, product showcases, promotions or simply leaving your clients with a cutting-edge sales pitch. Auto-run CD’s and online presentations are an excellent way of promoting your business without the need for you to be there or can be used as a background to your spoken presentation.

Unlike standard PowerPoint presentations which all look the same, Prime Web Solutions can develop a digital presentation (utilising the industry standard Flash application) which can offer bespoke multimedia and interactivity that is original, informative and most importantly memorable.

Flash media can also be used to create animated elements which can be embedded into traditional PowerPoint presentations - improving the appearance and effectiveness of your design. When used properly, Flash is the perfect vehicle to give your presentation a professional look and interactive appeal without distracting.

The majority of users faced with a text heavy presentation will simply scan the content, with a Prime Web Solutions digital presentation they will be far more engaged due to the imaginative and compelling nature of the content.


Custom built professional digital presentations retain the customers attention for longer.
Choose from delivery via the web or on an auto-run CDROM allowing maximum exposure and greater value for money.
Original, creative, innovative and interactive. Far in excess of what is possible with traditional PowerPoint presentations.
Incorporate streaming video, voice-over narration and advanced visuals to further engage the end-user and create a memorable multimedia experience.
Promote your business, product launches and promotions or simply leaving your clients to review it in a low-pressure atmosphere.
Improve the appearance and effectiveness of your existing PowePoint presentations with the inclusion of interactive Flash elements.

For further information or a project specific quotation please contact us.

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